Learn how to do a layered, long haircut with a dry finish shear
(includes interior texturization)

Lisa Salmon shows how to do
A layered, Long Haircut

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Dry Finish Shear - Musashi MR6

Seven Dry Haircutting Secrets

Happier clients - More income

  • 1. Visualization makes customization possible. When cutting hair dry, you can see what each strand of hair is going to do. Is it damaged, is it naturally curly or wavy and how will it fall when your client is doing their hair at home?
  • 2. Cutting hair dry reduces the risk of cutting too much off.
  • (Hair shrinks up when drying.)
  • 3. There is less chance of damaging the hair. (Always be sure to use sharp scissors whether cutting wet or dry. Dull scissors cause split ends. Your customer will enjoy your haircut if you are not pulling their hair with dull scissors.)
  • 4. Cowlicks and how the hair naturally falls is easier to identify and manage.
  • 5. Texturizing and layering the hair can be more precise.
  • 6. Dry hair cutting reduces the time in the chair for your client and increase your hourly income rate because you don’t have the additional step of blow drying.
  • A unique and professional cutting technique can allow you to charge more for your style cuts.
  • 7. Using a dry finish shear (shear specifically designed for dry cutting) makes your job easier and allows you to see the finished product as you go. Much better than waiting for the blow dry and styling to see how you did on the hair cut.

Dry Finish Shear - Musashi MR6

MR6 5.5 dry finish shear
Professional Stylist with Dry Finish Shear
Cutting with a Dry Finish Shear

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